Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer of Colour - Sage and Sepia

Well here we are the LAST week of Summer of Colour - wow that went fast. So that means this is my last Girls of Summer story...
Meet Veronica (or Ronnie as her friends like to call her). She is spending her summer vacation on Lake Windermere (that's what it says on the back of her photo) located in the Lake District in England with her fiance Edmond.
If you look closely you can see she is having a cigarette break (tsk tsk well that's what they did in those days).
Edmond has just informed her they have sprung a leak.....  enough said LOL.

I was never sure how my postcards would turn out given the colour themes we have had but I am pretty happy with all of them. This one has a gessoed background. I used acrylic paints including a metallic one for the edge and stickles which kind of looks like sand. The photo has the sepia colour so I did not need to add any in - perfect :). 

You can see everyone else's final entries over at Twinkle, Twinkle...and THANKS SO MUCH Kristin for taking us on this ride - it has been so much fun! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Well... she just looks overjoyed to be there, doesn't she? Not going to be a fun swim in all those clothes. No, wait - they're still at the dock, so no problem. Just climb out and leave Edmond to do the bailing.
    Fun card, Jewels.

  2. Great idea to use a sepia photo. I love the fun, vintage feel to your postcard.

  3. xo
    Thank YOU so much - I have loved seeing all of your ladies come together ;) xoxo

  4. Hi Jewels! I absolutely love this post! Your "Ronnie" is so pretty and I love her sepia photo very much! You created an amazing and absolutely gorgeous postcard with her photo! And WOW! You used this week's SOC beautifully here! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

  5. what a lovely ride. I adored your girls of summer theme Jewels!

  6. Another super photo that you have shown to its best advantage with the SOC challenge! It would be lovely to see all the finished pages together. ( I think in previous years we've done a final link to a post with all the finished artwork - I'm going to do one later in the week anyway).


  7. I love this image!! Stunning and I love your words as well. :)

  8. Love this idea of creating a backstory to your vintage photos...great piece!