Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seaside Twins

Yes it has been miserably cold of thinking about a trip to somewhere warm and on a shoreline seems quite natural LOL. But the best I can do is "art" the whole thing....This was a last minute request from Beth to Leslie and I to create a Stamp People for her 2014 Sketchbook - check out the pieces both have been making.
I wasn't really sure where to start when I was sorting through the stamp box. I found a number of stamps from Japan that looked promising and started to play with a vintage photo....
That happened to have not one but TWO individuals enjoying themselves on water and sunny skies...
So Twins they became on a background I made using my gelli plate (experimenting still).
There was some empty space at the top that I had to add some words to - and those images of fish, hearts and stars are my first attempt (EVER) at creating my own stamps (in this case with a potato :>)...
Here is the full piece - acrylic and watercolour paint, stamping and some little extra doodling here and there. Not a composition I would usually do but I have been having fun trying new things - you can be as whacky as you like when making Stamp People. Putting in the post shortly! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Ha, those are fun. It definitely makes you think a little differently when you start off with such a goofy personage. Carving stamps is great fun. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Getting Started With Stamp Carving is a great class and only $15. Scroll down a bit here for all the Getting Started classes.

  2. Great fun and so very 'you', if you know what I mean?! I love these stamp people; you may have started something that I'll keep coming back to (if in doubt and lacking other inspiration, do a stamp person - you know the idea).

    I think I'll check out the class mentioned by Leslie - is that the one that Lenna did a while back?


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  4. Hi Jewels, I am loving your stamp people!
    enJOY a beautiful 2014,

  5. I love your stamp people....SO much fun! Happy New Year!