Saturday, October 11, 2014

ooo-To Every Season-ooo

It's always a little sad putting down the garden at the end of the season.
The summer of 2014 was certainly one of the better ones for my flowers this year.
They were colourful and seemed to last much longer (probably because of the cool temps and rain). 
I had many compliments on how nice it looked (which for an amateur, "do the minimum gardener" like me is pretty flattering). 
So I find taking the clippers to it all a little ruthless - and timing is never certain - we could get another run of warm weather next week! However the fact it was 27 F this morning (yep) and frosty convinced me today was the day. I learned my lesson the year I left it too long (ugh, a lot of mushy leaves to contend with).
The one good thing I can take away from it all is this. I've had my garden several years now and it always comes back - may be not as nice as this year but it always returns.
Nature is pretty awesome that way... Enjoy. Jewels


  1. What a beautiful garden you have!! I love all your different ornaments and whisical pieces. They all add lots of fun.
    It is a shame to put the garden to sleep for the Winter but it will be cosied up and be ready to bloom again in Spring :o))

  2. Your garden is beautiful, Jewels - it is clearly tended with love and care.

    I'm loving all the Autumnal touches you've added, particularly the wordy pumpkin :)


  3. I know it's kinda sad isn't it? But Michigan it is!! LOL Was kinda warm a bit today but gloomy and rainy. But the leaves sure are pretty around here. Love your Fall display. XOXO Love Fran.