Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Staple Collage - Part 1

This seemed deceptively simple! Just find a bunch of ephemera pieces and whack one staple in the middle to hold together. We were inspired by a posting over on Daisy Yellow. I quickly (as did Jo and Lenna) started to over think it and fiddled with it quite a bit. I was also thinking I was "missing" something - namely paint, glue, ink, stamps - you know, the regular go to stuff.
When I finally gave myself permission to just run with it and, yes, keep it SIMPLE it all fell into place.
Lenna's included a clipping from a Barnes and Noble ad, old map piece, old gift wrapping, doily, scraps from painting and a fortune. 
I was quite happy how it turned out...and not really thinking about it somehow I managed to match the envelope with a book theme!
The inside cover from an old children's book. The camera tape was specifically for Lenna too....
Jo's was another happy surprise...
I knew I wanted to use some oriental paper I had and the image of the Giesha. The background is another paint experiment. The butterfly is a playing card. Old stamp. The text came from a little booklet about Japan..
...that I also used for the envelope...
How cool is that!

We have one more swap planned for the year - going back to our mutual "roots" and doing a Mary Green Vintage Glue Book theme! Enjoy, Jewels


  1. That idea hasn't appealed much to me but I quite like both of yours. I can see the effort being in finding just the right bits and layering them in a meaningful way. Might have to try it after all.

  2. It's great to read more about the one you made for me and to see what you made for JO! You did a great job, jewels and I love that camera tape! xo

  3. This was a WONDERFUL swap, I loved doing it and will definitely do some more one staple collages. I loved your collage/Mail Art for me, thank you :)