Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Staple Collage Part 2

Have to share what Lenna and Jo sent me for the challenge...both different, both lovely.
I always love the envelopes - I am sure my Postie gets jealous when they see such wonderful art coming my way. Especially love that fish stamp...
Jo did a little extra with her reference to Canada just for me - thanks dearie, I really appreciated it!
Lenna's arrived first - a nice combination of items including a pic of one of her dogs (I can never get enough pics of her dogs :)  ), an old family photo, a scrap of punchinella all on a wonderful background which I am quite certain is a Lenna original....
Your right Jo - I have no right to be this good looking (har, har). Seriously you have a way of doing the coolest can see more details about it over at Jo's blog. She loved this technique so much she has made more including the current picture in her masthead  - uber cool.

Hard to believe each of these are held together with just one staple! Love them both. Next up is our good old fashion Vintage Glue Book theme. Have already found the main graphics I want to use! Enjoy. Jewels.


  1. It's great to see how different our 'one staple collage' swaps are!

    And that beautiful gal has a beautiful dog sitting with her at the table - it could be you and Mr D :)


  2. Well, all three of you guys' collages were cool so I guess I gotta try this. My rescue kittens went off with the adoption lady this morning so I have my life back. Will use some of it to give these a whirl this weekend. Wanna swap one?

  3. What a cool project! These look great! I am especially partial to the vintage imagery in the second piece.