Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creative Swap - Inspiration Collage

One of my first introductions to mixed media was through Lenna Andrews' swaps. My first swap (EVER!) was the three greeting cards I made. I also joined in little books, Summer Time themed postcards and prayer flags - boy those were all fun, I learned a lot and made new friends - well worth it. Lenna decided to take a break for awhile so you can imagine how THRILLED I was to hear she was going to sponsor a new one - I very much appreciate anyone who takes on the challenge of organizing and hosting these kinds of events - there is a lot of work involved...

The theme is Inspiration Collage and we were sent 3 5x5 cards as well as a packet of ephemera - we were asked to use at least one piece of the sent ephemera on each card but the rest was up to us. Fortunately my packet (planned or not) had lots of items I could use...
The first one I completed included a map of Canada (Lenna knows me well :) ). Everything on this collage came from her with two exceptions - the cars and the quote which she actually did send but her original got messed up so I recreated.
My only add to this collage was the tea bag (I was actually making Chai tea and thought it matched some of the ephemera I received). I love the rusty colours on this one. I did use Stickles around the edge.
The final collage started with the puppy picture (of course). I did add the boy (from wrapping paper) and some other scraps as well as some stamping. This one has a coat of  "sparkle arkle" to give it a little bling:).
Now I just need to pop in the mail - I am way ahead on the deadline for this one (for a change). Can't wait to see what I get in return! Enjoy. Jewels

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  1. Oh Jewels, how wonderful to see these all close up on your blog, individually! I love seeing how you used some of the items I sent, especially some of the background papers, the middle one has a leaf print I made on deli paper! I love how you pulled all of the items together with collage bits of yours... FYI: The link to my name leads to my old blog that is still there, but I don't post to anymore, the new blog is here! xo can't wait to receive your 5x5's :)