Thursday, December 31, 2015

Novel Approach Workshop

Starting 2016 by participating (with a number of my arty peeps) in the Daisy Yellow workshop "Novel Approach " - all about using an actual hardcover book to prep and then use as an art journal. Tammy gave us a warm up challenge - create a vision board (heh, I've done that before) that reflects what direction you would like to take with your journal.
Here is mine - pretty colourful :) . I want to keep it bright and whimsy - positive energy to balance any not so positive energy that will inevitably hit in the new year. Will try and see it through this time (I gave up on the 2015 Documented Life as I was not really liking the prompts - though I did learn a lot). It has also served as my 2016 affirmations - including the little lady in the bottom right hand corner on the scales lol (my same reaction coming back from Christmas with family!)

There is plenty of time to join if your interested. Enjoy! Jewels

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  1. I really like your vision board, jewels. I have started collecting things that inspire me and will be on to making one soon!