Sunday, January 15, 2017

30 Day Collage Class - Days 1-7

Signed up for Randel Plowman's class which has been interesting if not educational. He has a different style to what I am used to - feels more academic - but that's okay. So here is what I've done so far...
Day 1 - Diagonal: It was tough getting started and I probably ruined more images than I would have liked to but finally pulled this one together...
Day 2 - Childhood Memory - use one of the following - line, shape, space, color
Day 3 - Three Elements
Day 4 - Black and White

Day 5 - Pairs
Day 6  - Analogous Colours

Day 7 - What Is It? (I'll reveal what these are later). Enjoy! Jewels

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  1. You have really done a lot Jewels! I especially love the childhood memories :) I think even though his style of collage is different, You are bring your style into it! That is awesome. I think you will be glad you took this class . . . xo