Friday, February 20, 2009

5 Things I Hate

This is Miss Gwendoline speaking...there are five things I hate the most.
Number 5 - My Winter Coat. Don't get me wrong, I know it is supposed to keep me warm but really, it is hardly a fashion statement and people laugh at me. Makes me look like I have red longjohns on!
Number 4 - Car Rides. They literally make me sick :-<, especially the really long ones. Though I like hanging my head out the window if I get a chance.
Number 3 - Other Dogs. I'll tolerate my brother, Gryphon, but you other guys just better stay out of my way.
Number 2 - Getting Wet. Don't let that picture of us kids on the sidebar fool you - I NEVER go into the water voluntarily.
AND Number 1 - Going to the Hairdresser! Why? Because in the winter it involves all of the above > I had to put my coat on today, I had to get in the car, there were other dogs at the salon (there is one big poodle that really gets on my nerves) and I had to get wet!

All because my Mum says I look beautiful afterwards (even with the vulgar big flowers they insist putting on me, sniff).
But don't worry - it only lasts about an hour until I can get outside and roll in the snow, get peanut butter on my whiskers at dinner time and do some trash talking/playing with my brother ;->....


  1. Well Julie, it must have been doggie grooming week. My two dogs got groomed also. I think i caught my oldest dog Darla looking at herself in the floor length mirror. She was giving herself a looking good look. Leslie

  2. Cute, Julie - made me giggle. You're great at writing. That is one darling little doggie!