Saturday, February 14, 2009

What A Sweetie!

When I came back from walking the dogs and filling the bird feeders this morning this was waiting for me, very nicely wrapped. Now I did give a "clue" a few weeks back that this would be a nice present if my hubby "happened" to be thinking of getting me something ... and he followed through!

My present to him was an afternoon at the Museum where we saw a VERY odd combination of things - Lizards & Snakes, Motorcycles and an exhibit of Rodin sculptures (go figure? oops, sorry for the pun). It was very nice - sorry, I forgot to take my camera - tons of kids there for the Lizards and very fun to watch their reaction. I have to say, my favorite was the Veiled Chameleon.

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  1. How beautiful, Julie! Your gifts to each other are really cool. And your blog is looking great! Is the picture of the lighthouse on your banner where you have your cottage? I spotted the link to information on our quilt show. That is a great idea, too. Have fun and protect your nuts!! Your blogging buddy, Carol