Thursday, February 26, 2009

Charity Event

There are so many worthy causes and, because hubby works in the non profit sector, I go to a lot of local events. Not that I mind - I especially get drawn to those darn silent auctions. Last night we attended the CAN Saginaw Mardi Gras ball with friends. Wonderful excuse to pull out the glad rags and go have fun. My "big" bid was on item 403H - Pair of cross stiched Pillow Cases with Tatted edging (right near item 401H A year of Pies - 12 pies (one per month) - oh my). I was the only bidder (folks don't appreciate nice embrodiery work) until the last, literally, 8 secs when another gal swooped in and out bid me - the NERVE! ...sigh...So, to make up for my disappointment I visited another worthy cause today - my local Thrift Shop - and, bingo (which does not happen every time) I found some pretty fabric (like I need more)...
and annual tea towels to add to my collection

Have not done so well on the old embroidery and handkerchiefs lately - but you just never know what you will find! A great start to my weekend ;->.

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  1. Not getting the pillowcases was a bummer - but you did well thrifting, Julie! Great fabric - and I love the calendar towels. Good job!