Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Sweet is That!

Okay, here's the thing. Every year about this time I have an annual eye appointment where my pupils get dilated - I really look like something from a horrour movie. And they give you these really ugly pieces of plastic to fill in as sunglasses until you get home (I know no one is watching but I still feel like such a dweeeb wearring them). Anyway, that really has nothing to do with the next part of my posting - but it does explain why I am at home in the middle of the afternoon and not "workin hard for the money". I can barely see the screen so if there typos you will know why (I'm really looking forward to reading this blog with normal vision ;->). You may remember awhile back my "baby" aka Sewing Machine went MIA for a few weeks (now I know how separation anixiety feels fro poor Master Gryphon). I asked my readers to figure out what had gone missing from my Fun Room and Lovely Leslie was the first to guess it right. Well, her "award" was a nice piece of redwork I found thrifting and look what she did with it! Way to go!
When she sent me the photos, Leslie shared the following: "Look what I did, that is my daughter and I. I changed out a wall hanging in my sewing room in exchange for the wonderful red work piece that you gave me. I just love it and will enjoy it each time I walk by it. It really is the sweetest piece of red work and thank you again very much. "
I'm very happy LL enjoyed my "find" (you just never know if folks like what they get, but in this case I seemed to have made a good match!)- I did confess to her the multiple $$$ I spent on it (NOT!). I only have one question though LL, what happened to the Smarties????? LOL

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  1. What a pretty piece of redwork and how great Leslie displayed it! Is that like a bib? You find such great stuff, Julie! Carol