Monday, August 24, 2009

Ode to Owls

I like owls – not sure why. We have one fellow who has lived in our back tree lot for some time now. I have never seen him but we certainly hear him on a regular basis. The other morning (5 am) he was loud and clear with his “Tu whit, tu whit, tu whooing”
Maybe I like owls because of my days as a Brownie. Leaders were known as Brown Owl or Tawny Owl or Snowy Owl.
Or maybe it was my fascination growing up with Grey Owl – a man who rescued beavers and made quite a name for himself as an early conservationist though it turned out he was not a North American native after all , but an Englishman who immigrated to Canada. It really is an interesting story. And it has nothing to do with the fact that Pierce Bronson played him in a not so great movie (but who cares with that kind of eye candy - he's a real slurpie, if ya know what I mean)... I don’t think it was Harry Potter – but owls certainly play a role in his story which made perfect sense to me when reading the books. I don’t understand why Rowlings had to knock off Hedwig (oops, should have included a Spoiler Alert – sorry)…
It could have been this cookie jar that my brother gave my Mum many years ago. It sat in her kitchen until she finally gave it to me. Whatever the reason, I like owls and over the years I seem to have amassed a small collection. Besides the aforementioned cookie jar, there are the following:
A lovely t-towel from 1987.

I love the “retro” looking owls.
A couple of owl vases. And the flowers came from the Farmers Market on Saturday - aren't they gorgeous!This lovely corsage I got from Elisabeth over at Words and Whimsies (I’m a big fan of her pin cushions to).
And most recently, my blogging peep Beth sent me this darling pin…
Whatever the reason, I like owls – what about you?


  1. I know that owls are really popular but I'd never really thought about it until I saw your dish towels- those are CUTE owls- and the owl picture at the top of your blog is way cool.

  2. I think you like owls because they always signify intelligence. Owl in Winnie the Pooh comes across as quite the smarty pants. Do you have that large sketch of Grey Owl that used to hang in the basement?
    Although the look of crickets doesn't do much for me, the sound of them is natures lullaby. I think it comes from the many years camping with mum and dad in the Bruce Penninsula. One of my favourite things about August is the chirping of these small black insects. There are many different kinds of sounds they make. With all my windows open, I can hear them now. One is doing the usual chirp chirp chirp while another is doing a continuos trill with his hind legs. I often sit in my sunroom in the evenings and listen to their me its very comforting. Now if I could just get rid of these darn skunks!!!!

  3. You have a really great owl collection, Julie. The sounds I loved to hear when I was a kid were the first sounds of frogs in a neighbor's pond in the spring. Loved hearing that in the evening. Loved hearing the bullfrogs croaking in the gravel pit where Ray and I fished when we moved back to Illinois. Another nostalgic sound is that of mourning doves - and I hear those once in a while here. Don't here the insects' "night music" so much here - that is really a lovely noise.

  4. Crazy about owls here - though mostly the outside ones. I've been listening to a screech owl every night (it's far enough away to be pleasant and soothing, not right outside my bedroom window) and sometimes we're lucky enough to hear great horned owls.

  5. Gina had a couple of barn owls living in her backyard this summer - a mom and baby. They've seen them since spring. We just heard them while we were there.

  6. I do love owls too
    I have one as a pet, she was neglected by the previous owner, so now I take care of her
    you can read about owls and see photos of my owl
    on my blog

    gr. Anna