Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Visitors

Sunday was unusually hot – 90 + and very humid. I had to do some “damage control” in my poor garden that was hit hard by the recent rain storms. I couldn’t help but notice some interesting visitors (besides the slugs and earwigs). A “gang” of salamanders have taken up residence on my front porch – they seem to like my little red wagon – I lifted a pot out of it and three of them went scurrying for cover.
Lots of dragonflies. I also heard the summer crickets and saw a couple of small frogs. We have toads to – I’m sure because we live in a woodlot and have some ponds nearby.

Later this month our grass will “come alive” with lots of baby frogs jumping up and down – its something to watch G&G figure out what the heck is going on! Frankly, I always feel bad about having lawn service this time of year ( Oh the humanity!)
And last but not least a hummingbird moth. The first time I ever saw one was at our cottage and I could not for the life of me figure out what it was. The power of the internet educated me, so when I had today’s sighting I knew exactly what I was looking at! Unfortunately I can’t lay claim to these photos as my fella was too quick for me - but he looked a lot like the second pic. I know many of you have gardens – have you had any interesting visitors lately?


  1. Oh, how I dislike the heat and extreme humidity -it makes me surly! Love your garden and the bugs that inhabit it. Since all of my flowers are in pots, I usually don't see many little creatures like that. We have the bigger creatures - the deer that come out for a midnight buffet and eat geranium heads, impatients, and hybiscus. One (or a group) went through the other evening and gobbled up the flower heads. Three of us had the visitors, but the plants are blooming again. They like what they like! Carol

  2. Oh how I could go on and on about my garden! It's my most favourite place to be. A new addition to our property is a chipmunk who has decided to make a crawl space under our garage. We discovered on Sunday that there is another entrance (or possibley an exit) on my neighbours side. I'm hoping that one day I don't come out to see the garage sunken into the ground because of the burrows strategically placed. Afew weeks ago a Garder snake slithered out from under a bush while I was watering, haven't seen him since. There are the standard squirrels and birds that are always around collecting the slices of bread I put out daily. The butterflys are taking advantage of my Purple Cone Flowers and Black Eyed Susans. As a garden progresses, new additions appear and take up residence. I haven't seen the snake lately, hopefully he is still around to catch all those pesky mosquitos!.
    J oxxo