Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog Days

"Dog Days" (Latin: diēs caniculārēs) are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the northern hemisphere, they usually fall between early July and early September.

Well we certainly are in the dog days of summer – but days are slowly getting shorter too, meaning Fall will be here in no time. Dog Days got me thinking about family pets (don’t ask, that’s just how my mind works).
My earliest family dog was Jethro (named after Jethro Bodine on Beverly Hillbillies – I’m dating myself). What a character that beagle was. He had a very bad habit of running away, rolling in something nasty, and then coming back as if nothing had happened. On the return of one of his little jaunts it happened to be a summer Sunday when we were all at church. The door was open to let the breeze in – and guess who wanders down the aisle in the middle of the service – yes, Jethro deliciously dirty and stinky. I’m not sure if my mother was mortified or in stitches as he was escorted out.
Joch (good Scottish name) came next. Now all of the members of my family have a first name that starts with “J”, so why not include the dogs too! His claim to fame was hiding under the couch, his most favorite spot. He would then wait until some unsuspecting non member of the family sat down and would then proceed to let ‘er rip (if you catch my drift). Poor Rev. Barnes was quite embarrassed when this happened to him – heaven forbid we thought that most unpleasant smell came from him (of course us kids just thought it was hilarious).
Hubby and I were together for quite a long time before we decided to “adopt”. He had had a bad experience when he was younger with a dog and had never owned one. But it was love a first sight when we found Master Gryphon (who looks awfully nervous his first day at his new home).
We’ve dealt with pretty serious separation anxiety over the years (I think he would have given Marley a run for his money).
But having been separated from his mum at 2 months (too early) and living his first year in a barn with 14 other dogs we made allowances.
Of course now in his 14th year he has the personality we would have wished for oh so long ago… (so you think I can sleep all day when I get to be his "age"....LOL)

…but no regrets.
Miss Gwendoline, poor munchkin, was dropped off from a car at the side of the road where Hubby used to work. She was in really poor shape – knotted hair, pine needles in her paws, very under weight. We could only shave her down when we got her home.
But no worries. We quickly put some fat back on her (she eats anything she can, we think it is her “survivor” mode so she never gets that skinny again). Mud seems to be one of her biggest treats lately (?) which bugs her Dad no end (I frequently hear “GWEN” yelled when we are in the yard). And much as she hates it, she still looks BEAUTIFUL when she comes back from the hair dresser.
Besides, she is the funniest dog for poses (even when she really doesn’t want to be in the canoe).
To all you puppy owners, love your family members...And enjoy those dog days (late summer or life with your favorite companion). Cheers, Jewels


  1. Any post with this many puppy pictures is A-OK with me. Your puppies were lucky to find a happy home with you.

  2. Love your new blog header! Your mom looks so pretty - and the three kiddies are cute, too. Lucky puppies to have been and to be in your life. See you on Sunday afternoon! Carol

  3. oh you know me I love my dogs and yours are just as cute, I am in cape cod with the family for the week and miss my dogs terribly, We call them by cell phone and our house dog sitter lets us all talk to them while she holds the phone to their ear. Crazy, I know!!!

  4. I think you've got some LUCKY dogs- and cute,too

  5. OMG I must have only been afew weeks old in that pic!
    What a hilarious shot of us neighbourhood kids! Wow that takes me back. I remember Joch doing his thing on many occasions when you least expected it and it didn't always have to be when we had company. He used to let one go any time he wanted. Jethro used to run across the park and eat Sugar's dinner (the Burr's dog). Having a dog in your family truly brings alot of joy. Miss Maggie is a sweetie!

  6. jewels, loved your 'dog days' post! We have 2 dogs that are canoe-dogs too ; ^ ) thanks for visiting & leaving a comment on Mary's challenge piece -I agree with you!

  7. What lovely dogs! It saddens me that they had such a rough start in life, but hey, they sure fell on their feet ending up with you! My little darlings (1 dog, 1 cat) are both rescued. Rosie Mae was on Death Row in a dog pound in Wales before she was rescued by a mad woman (mad in a good way) who runs a rescue centre in our town. Rosie came to us when she was about 18 months old and she's now about 14, deaf, almost blind. And very stinky! She's a best friend to the whole family. Susie the cat has been with us for 3 years and is about 13 now. She makes us giggle with her delusions of grandeur. She really thinks she's the Queen. Oh dear, I've rambled on .......... but our 4-legged friends have that effect on people don't they?! x