Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Summer's Day... a Summer Camp Song! That is the theme I have chosen for Lenna's latest swap. We make three postcards that will actually get mailed to the lucky recipient (hopefully in one piece!) and get three in return. Growing up I was a Girl Guide and spent many happy days camping - singing was an integral part, whether around a campfire late at night or hiking on a trail during the day. We all had our favorites and that's what I tapped into for my postcards.
Canoe Song - My paddle's keen and bright...this is a round and has a wonderful chorus of "Dip, dip and swing". Starting with cardstock, I used stamping for the background and an old postcard image. I did some "aging" overall and added an old postage stamp. This one has a kind of "outdoor" feel to it don't you think?

Auntie Monica - I have an Auntie, an Auntie Monica and when she goes shopping they all say Ohh la la. This song has lots of action in replicating feathers, hats, skirts etc swinging as Auntie goes out on the town. I love this image from old sheet music. The background is scrapbook paper painted, stamped  and inked. All the letters came from an old Needlework magazine. The strip of advert's were sitting in one of my scrap boxes and look just right.
Down by the Bay - Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go, for if I do my mother would say  - always followed by a funny rhyme. I remember thinking singing "Have you ever seen a turtle in a Playtex girdle" was rather risque (LOL) at the time. Things sure were different back then. I wanted this postcard to be as fun as the song so lots of bright colours. Text came from different magazines. AND that is original art work - yep I painted those melons!

If you are interested go and see what others have been submitting to Lenna. The deadline is not until mid September so it will be awhile before I get my postcards - meanwhile, these originals are winding their way down to Florida where Lenna lives. Enjoy, Jewels


  1. Hey, I've just finished my postcards too! I love that all 3 of yours are so different - and dare I say it, I'm lovin' your melons!!

    3 SUPER postcards, I'd SO LOVE to receive any one of them. I'll keep my fingers crossed.....


  2. these are absolutely awesome, would love any one of these! thank you for sharing :)

  3. Jewels! You and your painted melons, you really have outdone yourself!! ; ^ ))) Seriously, what an awesome job you did painting those melon slices, I am very impressed! Plus, Camp songs on a summer day -so great. I went to a YMCA camp for 8 or 9 years when I was a youngster and singing those camp songs was one of my favorite activities. Awesome postcards~! thanks so much for participating and sharing. I'll add them to the creative swaps blog when i receive them. xoxo lenna

  4. Yeay Jewels, Love these postcards. Love all of the lettering, but isn't it a job finding the "just right" ones? I especially like the lady in the big hat. Perfect image for your song. And, your painting classes have paid off, what a great job on the watermelon. I would be happy to receive any of these postcards. I think they are wonderful. I bet you had fun digging through your stash!

  5. These are all very cool but I like the canoe best. I have some old pics of my mom in her 20s canoeing, so it made me think of that. Good job!

  6. These are wonderful! The vintage image of the canoe is so appealing. And your watermelon card is bright and fun. Auntie Monica looks the part. Nice work.