Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My second Cowgirl Mail Art arrived from Leslie...
Another winner! Leslie said a lot of her images came from a book she bought at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas (who knew!). Arn't they great. She created a wonderful collage postcard - thanks L!
On to next month's theme - Poetry in Motion (okay, for those of you wondering, it's part of the lyrics from the "She Blinded Me With Science" song - now I'm dating myself)...out in the garden today this fella reminded me of our theme...
I have been really lucky this year with my Butterfly Bush - it has to be over 6 feet tall now.
And it has been attracting bees, hummingbird moths, and lovely, lovely butterflies....sigh, hopefully we can have a little longer summer so I can enjoy them all. Cheers, Jewels

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  1. I too had a hummingbird by my butterfly bush just yesterday. My bush is only about 4 feet tall.