Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Billions and billions...

Well maybe not that many - but I sure do like a good score on buttons - remember this post!

Almost 2 years later I asked the same question in the same thrift shop "Got any buttons?" and I got the same response "Let me check the basement"...a few minutes later a shoe box, tin and paper bag appeared.

I have to say the tin was pretty cool - real Canadiana - so it has "landed" (LOL) in the cottage.
There were definetly some gems amongst the "billions and billions" but the REAL score was in the shoebox...which was completely full of button cards like these - complete and in lovely shape.
After some browsing on the Web and button guides I have, I think the Western Germany glass buttons are worth more then what I paid for the whole lot! So I'm feeling pretty chuffed (though I know Hubby still won't get it). All I can say is, one of these days I'll be on Antiques Roadshow and prove him wrong :> ... Jewels.


  1. Ever heard of "a crazy cat lady"? You are becoming "a crazy button lady"!!!!!!
    You should see if American Pickers would be interested!!!!
    Jen xoxoxx

  2. I don't even use buttons much any more (in my art) but have a hard time not picking up every button jar I come across. The glass ones are lovely - I have a real thing for turquoise lately. And only a quarter...

  3. OOOh, buttons. I love the Duchess in the orange dress and the green buttons. I wonder if that card is the right size for an ATC?Brings back fond memories of looking through the button tin when I was a child. Mostly it was about asking my mom lots of questions. Thanks for sharing. Now what are you going to do with them? Is there such a thing as a button quilt? xoxobb

  4. Buttons, buttons, who has the buttons? Julie has the buttons! Wonderful find. I just love looking through button boxes!

  5. I love that Dutchess card too! Great collection.