Thursday, September 15, 2011


While on vacation (and thrifting) I came across a couple of packets of embrodiery transfers...
except these were absolutely stuffed with more then the original patterns!
There were all sorts of colour transfers...
which got me thinking (hmmmm) - could I "iron on" to paper instead of fabric?
Well you don't know until you try - and since I spent literally pennies on them I had nothing to loose... So here are the results - pretty cool, eh? There is a trick to it - the iron cannot be too hot, and you literally have to start peeling it off while the transfer is still warm (definetly a two handed technique)
But I love the results...which I then tried aging with an old "stain" (heh, you use whatever you can find in the cottage Mud Room (lots of cans of ancient paints that are highly suspect) - I really was roughing it, LOL)
My first try and I used it as the background for this ATC. I also used an old typed letter and a school photo...neat.
This ATC is a favorite now - the old magazine advertisement colours just go so well with the transfer in the background don't you think? Amazing what you can find, and what you can do - these were old transfers but they still worked and (I hope) got put to good use! Some of the larger pieces that I transfered can be used for postcards, book pages, mail art - lots to experiment with. I even tried transfering directly on to a page from an old book! Enjoy, Jewels


  1. Wow - those are very cool! I love the airmail ATC. It's amazing how well some really old stuff works sometimes. I'm gonna be on the lookout for those...

  2. They look superb, Jewels! The colours on both are so lovely. Looks like you had lots of fun experimenting (love the mud stain!).


  3. These are really great! Hope you're making color copies so you have an infinite number of them (I'm always thinking in terms of quantity!)

  4. clever girl you are, beautiful results jewels! wonderful technique, thank you much for sharing!!! :)

  5. Neat Julie, great find.

  6. sounds like a wonderful idea to me, Jewels. Looks great, too! xo

  7. This is super cool! Very clever of you-- I love the finished projects! And thanks for linking this to Tag Tues so we can learn how you did it! Smart girl!