Monday, September 5, 2011

Vacation Week 2!

Sorry - no pics to post but have a tonne on my camera. Weather was wonderful first week here at the cottage and spent lots of lovely down time. Hubby left today so now I have a week to myself with Miss Gwendonline (who seems to be getting the most sleep then all of us). Planning to work on some "artsy" things including this months Mail Art project with Beth and Leslie. Looking forward to catching up with you all soon....Jewels


  1. so glad you are enjoying, jewels. Rest up! I know you have been working hard . . . you & miss G can take naps together, you falling asleep while reading arty magazines!!! xoxo enjoy, lenna

  2. Two weeks straight off from work... I can't quite imagine such a thing. I think 2005 was the last time that happened to me.
    A 'tonne' looks so odd to me but I like it. Seems weightier than 'ton.' Can't wait to see them regardless.
    I need to sit down and get my mail art done soon also. Enjoy your final week.

  3. Lucky you and Miss G, enjoy!


  4. OMG, you are so lucky. It is a glimpse of retirement. Hope you have a delicious week.
    Mailart posted today.