Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beatles Mail Art Part 1

Lots of fun with the February Mail Art with my pals Beth and Leslie (who challenged us to try 3 new techniques, argh! but I managed it). I scanned a list of all the Beatles song (you had to pick one as your inspiration) - do you know how many they wrote! I thought I'd get all artsy and draw a woman's butt going through a bathroom window but I'm just not that good (LOL). Then I saw the cover of the January Somerset Studio magazine. Can you guess what song I chose?
Does the envelope help at all?
How about the postcard inside - pretty sure you've gotten it by now..
Yep - Paperback Writer....Both Beth and Leslie have received and, as always, were very complimentary. Can't wait to show you what they came up with - Enjoy. Jewels 


  1. very cute, and clever. Pat and Jerry's won last night with Pi's and Catering service comming in tied for seconds. Good seeing you last night.

  2. I hate to admit that I don't know the song - though I probably would recognize it right away if I heard it. The Beatles were popular when we were raising our kids and we never bought records back in those years - nor did we go to the movies except maybe once in a blue moon. However, my dear, you are doing such cool art!! Love the work you are showing on your blog. :-) Carol

  3. "Paperback writer...." you've got me singing along to that now! I'm a huge fan of The Beatles and I really like your mail Art and postcard. Cool stuff!


  4. Ah yes, very cool. I loved all of the clues...I did get it. It took a lot of looking and exclaiming. Great job, J. xoxoBeth