Saturday, February 11, 2012

Custom Snapshots

My weekend did not exactly go as planned - I was going to go home to Canada for a visit but the weather turned very nasty here Friday afternoon so I stayed put (and COLD - it was 5 F this morning which Miss Gwendoline was very unhappy about). So I had a little extra time for putz-in. Seems I can fit in at least one ATC on the weekends.
I was flipping through some old Life magazines for another project when I found this great ad for the Polaroid Land Camera (1959). He just has such a goofy look on his face. And I'm pretty sure, when you look real close, the pipe has been drawn in LOL. The background is from an ad for curtains (very retro) and the text is from an old film processing envelope. Enjoy! Jewels 


  1. I remember those 5 degree days. Yuk. I wouldn't wanna go out to piddle either lol.
    Great ATC. Everything was so formal then, with him taking pics in his suit. Bizarre curtains. And look how huge the camera is. Very cool, Jewels.

  2. Wonderful ATC! Superb colours and the image of the photographer chappie is such fun!

    Keep warm and cuddle up to poor Miss G.

  3. Seeing the pipe he is smoking reminds me of my dad. I use to love the smell of his pipe. Good memories. See you on Tuesday.

  4. Great atc.... he has a wonderful face, he looks very contented.

    Hope you manage to keep warm :)