Friday, February 17, 2012

Machine Shop Tools

Its going to be a busy weekend. Hubby has gone home to visit his Mum in Canada leaving Miss Gwendoline and I behind to play - I wish that was the case but there is actually work, work to be done (argh). I can't complain though. I'm loving my new assignment and thank my lucky stars every day that I was able, under my own initiative, to get it (easier said then done). There won't be much time for artsy stuff so I thought I'd post an ATC I got done earlier this week...
I noticed I've had a few "men" show up in my ATCs lately - which is not a bad thing. There should be an equal balance of the two sexes don't you think? And this one is a real Manly Man with an axe to grind (LOL). Anyway, I particularly like this one because it is a combination of old and new. The graphics are from old (1950's) Popular Mechanics magazines. The funky black and white paper is from the inside of a junk mail envelope. I've been a paying more attention lately to "paper" I receive before chucking into the recycling bin. This seemed to be a good match! Enjoy. Jewels.