Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beauty Sleep and Body Measurements

I have not done a Tag Tuesday in a few weeks. This weeks theme is Camping. I actually don't mind camping and did a lot when I was younger.
I just find the older I get the better it feels to sleep in my own bed with my own pillows. Get up and have a decent shower in the morning. Not eat burnt food off the fire. And did I mention avoiding the bugs....
Mind you I'm not into lingerie and makeup for my regular sleeps (LOL)... Check out the details on this and the rest of the tags for June 12th - hope my tag friends don't mind me not being exactly "on theme". 
I also did a quick ATC (been awhile) - an old Butterick pattern and some vintage wrapping paper. It was good to do something artsy - though my new printer/scanner is driving me crazy... Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I love your tag and your ATC!!! I also used to camp when I was young and it doesn't really appeal to me now. Nothing like my own bed! The background papers you use go so well with these great images!

  2. Loving both of these Jewels, I really like the vintage look of them. I also like the scalloped edges you did. I've started to collect all kinds of papers and pictures 'just-in-case' haha :0) x

  3. as always, you've created snazzy art! and i totally agree with you, camping for me would be at the holiday inn... blest be :)

  4. Beautiful tag and ATC. Does ANY woman look like that in the cold light of day?! Although I love the look of beautiful bed time lingerie, I'm a moisturiser and snuggly pj kinda girl :)

    I do so love your retro colour combos.