Saturday, June 2, 2012

More May Mail Art

Beth and Leslie obviously had fun with May's theme of Architecture - but how different their interpretations!
Beth's arrived first and she chose Paris! The "April" refers to her planned trip next year to France - I asked if I could tag along. The blues are wonderful and the flowers really "pop".
In true fashion, Leslie chose a different spin altogether - the architecture of my mind. I think the fact she is sniffing a flower reflects all the work she has been doing (or contracting someone else to do LOL) on her new garden. Take a good look - it really is fun.
Thanks Ladies! Deep in the Forest for June.... Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Looks good, Jewels, Beth & Leslie! I love your mail art and all the different interpretations. xo

  2. Hi Jewels - Had a long and drawn out senior moment where I just could not remember the name of your blog (never thought to ask Doodly mama either doh!)......grrrrr..........haha - sorted now anyway cos here I am to say WooHoo! Thank you! Yeehaa! and the image transfer experiment works a treat!!
    I have emailed you and uploaded to my Flickr.
    I'll be back later for a real mooch now I've bookmarked you.
    Mo x