Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monthly ATC Invite - June Garden Calendar

Its that time of year when the roses are in bloom! Continuing to use my old Gardening book for monthly titles. This is part of Penny's challenge you can find here...
I'm getting good use from all my old Better Homes and Gardens books and magazines. My picture came from a book on roses - apparently these particular ones are "winners". By the way, I never look like that when I'm mucking about in my plot of earth, LOL. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I never look like that either ! After a day of gardening, I look like I've REALLY done a day of gardening !!
    Super ATC xx

  2. Very cute ATC! I love how those old magazines show women wearing dresses to do laundry and scrub the floor. They make every day life look so glamorous!

  3. Not only do I not look like that, but my garden doesn't either! Lovely ATC, I love those retro colours. I guess I'd better get on with my June ATC.......