Thursday, July 12, 2012

As seen on TV...

...but available at my local grocery store.
You know what they say - necessity is the mother of invention (really?).
I am hopeless with hard boiled eggs thought these might be the answer.
The shape is a little odd - but heh - it works.
And that is as egg-citing as it gets for me these days (har, har - at this point my friends and family should really be worrying LOL)...Jewels


  1. Well, those are goofy little things, aren't they? Are you really that bad at boiling eggs lol? I love deviled eggs and now you've made me want some.
    ps looks like we have the same counter top...

  2. Hey, and then you don't have to peel them! That's the part I hate! You're making me hungry too!

  3. I have a thing about kitchen gadgets ... I'm going to look away now, because those look pretty intriguing.

  4. That is so cool. Great wedding gift for 'the couple that can't' haha
    Hope they tasted good too. Have a great weekend :0)

  5. That's a new one on me, Julie - guess I missed those ads. I have been boiling eggs forever so don't have problems with them. I adore deviled eggs and egg salad. Not hungry, though, cause I just ate my supper! Carol

  6. "egg-citing"? Good Lord woman don't quit your day job!!! lol I've been worried about you for awhile now, this just confirms my suspicion that you are loosing your marbles... and that's no yolk sistah!!!! BAAHAAHAAHAA!