Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Art Date

Yesterday I went to the 51st Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition here in Midland with my friend Marilyn (who is quite the gifted photographer by the way). My drawing teacher had a piece in as well as other local artists I know (apologize I did not pics for them all)...
Margaret Vega Recoleta Stone Angel Oil
What a great display...
Lon Baker Basket Weave Illusion Wood
A wide variety of media - 
Douglas LaFerle "Mad Science" Excellence in Creativity Award
My photographs (illegal it turns out LOL) hardly do these pieces justice
Paul Beyer "Parade Rest" Watercolour
Wonder why I liked this one? ;)
Tana Tapson The Singer Oil
This painting (not a photo) got a Juror's Recognition award..
Melanie Morris Home Is Where the Heart Is Paper
I was totally fascinated by this piece as it is all made from paper ephemera with some embellishments like old lace
I think the artist made individual blocks first
incorporating old letters, photos, really well done
Deborah Hyde Sunlight & Shadow Turquoise Fibers
This artist really blew me away 
Yes this is a quilt - tiny fabric squares brought together to form the image 
Deborah Hyde, Jeanne Fibers
This piece to which won the Excellence in Technique award - no kidding! This piece is 79" x 57" which gives you an idea of the amount of work that went into it!!!!
If your local get over to the Midland Center for the Arts before the exhibit ends on August 8th. And be prepared for the noise coming from the Bob the Builder hands on exhibit next door (LOL) - there were a lot of little munchkins running around having a blast.
I got inspired to do a quick piece myself last night (ha, ha not quite on par with what I saw earlier in the day).  Enjoy. Jewels


  1. The big patchwork piece is great and the laughing girl quilt is amazing! Just shows what you can do with a pile of fabric, a lot of imagination and tons of time and patience. Looks like it was a fun show.
    I like your ATC. Those wall paper backgrounds look good with everything you've done, so I obviously need to give it a try.

    1. Thanks Leslie - the background for the ATC is actually an old "get well" card! They can be just as fun as the vintage wall paper (and a heck of a lot easier to find)....

  2. My favourites are the big one with the paper ephemera and the patchwork with the teeny tiny squares - they are amazing, stunning IRL I imagine.

    Your ATC is great - she's positively smoldering at the camera!

    Hands on Bob the Builder exhibition? Ugh!!


  3. I like your quick piece and think it is quite on par! Lovely style you do . .. my favorite from what you showed was the same as the one you were fascinated with. It is always great to go to an art exhibition. yay!

  4. All I can say is WOW. Love the quilts, what an effort. No wonder they won prizes. I like the sewing machine because it is the model I have been using. It belonged to my mom. She was a skilled and creative seamstress...I am not. J, your ATC is cool. Keep it up, girlie. Hugs. bb