Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Prayer Flags and MIA

I may have mentioned that I had two more Prayer Flag swaps in motion. I am happy to say everything has been exchanged and I can share with you what was given/received (the pics are from my IPhone - still without my digital camera) ...

Tina asked to do a swap when commenting on one of my posts. This is what I created for her. One of my favorite images from an old birthday card printed on fabric.
And in return I recieved this wonderful, colourful flag. I love the fabric, ribbon and flower - how sweet!
I responded to Jan when she said she would like to do a swap. SURE! So off this went over the ocean to her - the background is an old pillow case..
And yesterday the following arrived - how lovely! Some really pretty embellishments and different fabrics make up this wonderful flag.
Thanks so much Tina and Jan for adding to my ever growing collection! I am now up to seven hanging in my "studio"!
On a different note...
I know I am not the first, or the last, to have their machine checked into the "computer hospital" (in my case Best Buy)....but boy does it suddenly prevent you from doing things! I started having issues with turning it on (error messages about loading Microsoft) and then Norton just packed in (ugh, I hate the idea of being "exposed"). Fortunately (?) my machine is still under warranty as I just bought it last January. I've resorted to using my work laptop (but not while logged in a work) to do some things as well as my IPhone. I have a back up of pictures to load that I wanted to post before my hand surgery later this week but really can't do - well I can but with a LOT of finaggling...hoping my baby comes home soon :<

So things will be sporadic for awhile - I had this surgery back in 2010 but have been promised this time around it won't be as limiting for as long (but still expect a string of bad hair days and kitchen challenges LOL).
Please continue to stop by or leave me a message on Facebook - unlike my poor 'puter I don't expect to be offline for very long....Jewels


  1. Pretty prayer flags, Julie!! I am so sorry your computer is in for repairs--that is no fun. I will be thinking of you having your surgery and wishing you a fast, fast recovery, my friend!! Will be watching your blog and Facebook to see how things are coming along.

  2. Beautiful Prayer Flags, both given and received :)

    I hope all goes well with the op and that you make a speedy recovery. Wishing a speedy recovery to your poorly laptop too!


  3. Your prayer flags are so retro-shabbily Gorgeous Jewels!! Thanks again for a wonderful swap :) ...and I hope your computer Gets Well Soon! x

  4. Good luck on your hand surgery, Julie, I hope you have a painless and speedy recovery. I will check with Carol to see how you are doing. If you are home from work recovering maybe a lunch date would make your hand feel better. Being treated to lunch always seems to make me feel better. We can pick up Carol also and make a threesome. Give us a call when you feel up to it. Good luck, my friend.