Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Ornys

A while back one of my Mail Art pals suggested we exchange handmade "ornys" for our December swap. Bring it on Leslie, though I was really not sure how it was all going to turn out with my hand surgery.
Turns out there were no problems at all. My first orny came from Beth. She did something I've been wanting to try for awhile - an altered Altoid tin. Yeah B - isn't beautiful - I've asked her for a tutorial.
In exchange I sent her an embellished vintage Scottie puppy card as I know she would it appreciate it. 
Leslie sent TWO ornys and they are both lovely. You can read more about how she made them over at her blog.
I know she  likes vintage stuff so I pulled out an old original photo, lace and crotchet and other embellishments to create something unique.
Enjoy my friends - looking forward to our 2013 swaps! Your the best. Jewels


  1. All the ornaments are lovely - nice to see the thought that goes into each one.

  2. Thanks, J. I really enjoyed making the orny. The Scottie dog was just precious, I like to think it is in honor of my beloved scottie, Mudge(recently deceased). (small tears) Leslie's ory is lovely. Can't believe we have been swapping for over a year. Thanks again Hugs.BB

  3. Wow! You guys made really beautiful ornaments!