Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Solstice Coming!

This year's winter solstice has extra meaning. On Friday I will embark on a 52 week journey with others feeding my creative soul in different ways.
I am really looking forward to it  - the first thing we had to do was write down our personal 20 Soul Care Practices. I decided to capture mine on a tag I made. I crinkled a piece of card stock, smeared inks on it and then sprayed with water to get it to "run"...
..both sides. Others have posted their practices that have reminded me of other things I will add later to my list.
It was also suggested we get a journal to use - I am looking forward to looking backwards (LOL) 52 weeks from Friday and how "plump" I hope my journal will be by then with different things. The background was done using a technique I learned from Mary Green. I photocopied a dictionary page of butterflies onto a page from an old Typewriting class practice book. I did "stiffen" it by brushing on some mod podge before I sewed on the vellum.
So this first page has a pocket for my "Soul Tag" that I can take  out and look at it while working on other parts of my journal.
AND there is still time if you are interested in joining - just click the link to The Creative Underground on my sidebar and it will take you to more information. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. What an awesome journal and soul tag-just so beautiful!

  2. I love your technique. It looks very cool. We will miss you at lunch tomorrow.

    1. I wish I could be with you to - at least it sounds like you will avoid the bad weather heading our way...

  3. I looked at this class after you guys signed up for it and decided I'm just not a person who looks inward that intensely. Love the tag and the page background, and the vellum pcket is cool. That's actually the part of journaling I like best - the making of it. Not the filling so much. Good luck with it and I expect it'll be an interesting look back for you next year.

  4. Jewels - wonderful way to do your list of soul care practices, thanks for sharing!

  5. Sounds like an exciting and creative year ahead!

  6. Julie,you have a wonderful start on your sure to be beautiful project. Love your soul care practices - all so very sweet, simple and soul satisfying. Those are the sort of things that matter. Wish you were going with us tomorrow, my friend. Carol

  7. That's so gorgeous! What a beautiful way to present your soul care practices :)

    I'm going to do mine TODAY (if I write it in capitals it is more likely to happen!!).


  8. Very cool, J. Looks like you are off to a good start. Wish you luck on your new adventure. If there is any material you are looking for, please let me know. I have all kinds of good junk. Hugs. B

  9. How stunning! And I love the way you've done your list on a matching tag!

  10. what a really lovely tag for your list-beautiful!

  11. Hi Jewels! I'm on the 52 Weeks Journey with you. Love your tag and the page you created to hold it...giving me some ideas to play with:)