Sunday, December 16, 2012

What did you do this Sunday?

I putzed big time but did manage to get a few things done...
I had thrifted this pretty tin a few weeks back and wanted to use it for some "tall" items I use regularly. I added the trim today as the rim was a bit rough (still have not decided what to do with the pretty lid).
I framed a really cool advertisement from a 1950's Better Homes and Garden for products my company used to sell. Going to hang in my office.
I ironed (ugh that's not really putzin but a necessary evil I'm afraid). Did I mention I dislike ironing - unless its for artsy stuff of course.
I started sorting my large stamp collection. 
Somehow I've managed to gather over 2,000 - some of my peeps have received a few as I can't imagine EVER using them all!
There are some really neat ones...
...and others frankly I don't know what to do with. These will  never show up in any art I do - I put them in context with the rest of the German stamps in my collection that range from the 1930's - 1960's. They all tell a story of a specific time in our history and for that reason I will probably keep them for now. 
I've also been working on my 52 Weeks Journal - I'll save what I've done for another post. However, I wanted to share this. For many of my peeps who use ephemera from old dictionaries - look familiar? I actually picked this up at a card store and kept thinking "I could make that" as I happen to have something very similar in my own collection (dang another "make a million" opportunity I missed). Oh well - I've been reading Gwen Diehn's The Complete Decorated Journal. One comment she made really struck home. "Using real ephemera from daily life can add richness to a journal. But packaged images - which might be called pseudo-ephemera - besides not really being related to our lives have become ubiquitous, and like anything too often repeated, these images have become cliches". hmmm, I appreciate what she is saying. Something to consider for my artsy endeavors in the new year...
As Christmas gets increasingly closer I know many are making their plans and finishing last minute tasks. Be sure to take a breath every now and then -  and remember - Jan. 2nd it will all be over and done with LOL. Jewels. 


  1. What a fun post. I like days like that - no real agenda but a lot gets done. I tend to flit from thing to thing anyway, so it suits me to a T.

    Love the tin and have to say that I LIKE to iron - weird, I know - but I do it in front of the TV with something good on and I get a lot of satisfaction from turning a wrinkly old wad into a nice crisp shirt.

    Do you by any chance have a few stamps from Italy that you'd part with? I'm taking that Ticket To Venice class and a few 'real' Italian stamps would be fun to use. And I agree about using the real thing. No that I'm on the far side of 60, I'm using all my real stuff, especially since I have no children or siblings who want any of it. My goal is to keel over at my art table after gluing down the last piece of paper in my studio. (years from now, hopefully LOL)

  2. Cool Stuff Julie. I love sorting my treasures. We will miss you at lunch on Wednesday, wish you could be with us. Next time, huh!

  3. Not much putzing actually, lots of lovely arting! Great advert, well worth framing.

    I, too, loathe ironing but I also loathe crumpled clothing so I do it, grudgingly! I'm working on my first task for '52 weeks' but must go faster, I really don't want to fall behind before it's started!

    I love the last sentence in Leslie's comment :)