Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer of Colour Round Up

I had such a fun time doing my Girls of Summer collection for Kristin's  Summer of Colour 2013 challenge...
There was Ruth, Martha and Gaby on their road trip
Lulu being a typical teenager on vacation with her family
Our posh Vanessa the Butterfly Guide
Romantic Felicity in her garden
Poor Dorothy and her pain the you know what cousin Lewis
And finally Ronnie with her finance Edmond getting ready to bail LOL. I love them all but have to say Ronnie was my favorite - so I found an old frame (grab them any time I can) and will find a special place for her. Really looking forward to next year (have to be patient). Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Yeah, you did good at this - yours consistently appealed to me. It looks great framed and I'm thinking it's a bathroom pic. People don't put enough good art in bathrooms! IMHO, that is lol.

  2. They all look so good together, and I love Ronnie in that wonderful old frame :)


  3. It was so much fun to see them "in the flesh"! They are really beautiful. Each one of them reminds me of pictures taken when I was a cute young chick!! Carol

  4. Those look really fun. Way creative!!!!

  5. One word Jewels, AWESOME!
    en-JOY a sweet today,