Friday, March 28, 2014

Artistic Intuition UPDATED TO The one that never made it....

Intuition - defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Where does artistic intuition come from - you know - the ability to just make it look "right"? ....Where was my artistic intuition when I was in high school (as attested by this masterpiece OMG). Not sure if it was something to do with it being the 1970's or me just not having any sense of dimension (truly, it is a rather sad tea pot don't you think?).
I have to say though the past few years I have improved. I looked through my blog the other night and could see the progression.
Little bit of Sewing
I have to give a lot ( I mean A LOT) of credit to my online peeps (Jo, Lenna, Leslie, Beth, Carol to name a few) who have inspired me along the way. Every time I see things they've done or receive a piece of their art through the mail I think "I've got to try that!"...
Paint and Stamping
My most recent piece is for someone I have not swapped with before. Andria has a cool site which has also been a source of inspiration for me (like the little booklet I made).
Another postage stamp person - I actually get a real kick out of the look on her face - you can just see her mind whirring away about the dude she is dancing with LOL. They are actually doing the Conga (so you can guess what Gloria Estefan song I was humming when I created this).
The background is a cover from old piano music and some vintage gift wrap. They come from an thrifted book on teaching yourself to dance! 
UPDATE: Sadly my original couple did not make it to Andria (I've been having some bad luck with that sort of thing lately for some reason) hence the One that never Made It - but I was BOUND AND DETERMINED to get one to her! Fortunately I had most of the same papers in my stash with the exception of the original stamp so I was able to recreate. AND this time it made it LOL and PHEW! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I love this postage person card jewels! The face on the postage stamp is just right, very clever. As for your painting from High School, I really kind of like it! The Teapot is just odd enough to make it work and the flowers are really quite nice. You might consider adding some collage to it! It might be calling you to add to it now :)

  2. The postage stamp person card is awesome, Julie! Makes me smile. You are absolutely right about having progressed over the time you have been doing your lovely, clever art! Good work, girl friend! Carol

  3. You know, I spent some time looking at your painting wondering what it is you don't like about it! I actually like it, so there! But you're right, our blogs, flickr etc are a great way of documenting how we develop artistically. I look back at some of my stuff and really wonder how I did them! We all go through crazes - at the moment, mine is trying to 'do' people, something I've always struggled with. You'll be seeing a few mutated faces over the next few months, haha!

    Loving your stamp person, perfect placement! I got a letter today with a wonderful face stamp just BEGGING to go on a stamp person postcard :)


  4. I actually like your teapot full of flowers. It looks every bit as good as a lot of the folk art type stuff I see around.

    And the lady with the stamp head guy is a hoot. The music and wall paper is the perfect background.

  5. I LOVE it!! It is hanging on my inspiration board above my art table!