Sunday, March 9, 2014

ATCs and Collection?

I realized I had not done any ATCs for quite some time and got inspired to create some this past week (mainly because I have SO MUCH stuff I really need to either use it or chuck it)....
The background for this card was a scrap from some water colour painting that I ironed on a Vogart Textilprints to  (you can see other examples of this here and here). They are not easy to find. She is from one of my old BHG mags...
As are Mrs. Robert G. Walker (who looks way too happy compared to the other two), Mrs. Peter Wuebel and Mrs. T. L. Green Jr. - the 1950 winners of a Pillsbury contest (wonder what their first names are - any guesses?). The background for this was another painting scrap that I added a GELLI PLATE DELI PAPER print (in capitals because I have really been procrastinating on using my plate and I really want you to be impressed)....Some washi tape as well....
Finally - does this constitute a (or should I say another) collection  - never realized how crazy that cow looked until now LOL....Enjoy, Jewels


  1. Yes, 3 is a collection! And I like the ATCs. Yours are recognizable from the era of women you often use. Very cool. Good to see you creating again.

  2. I was giggling reading that post, Jewels :D

    You know I adore those competitive ladies and their different facial expressions. Grant just looked at me as if i was nuts as I gurgled and splurted a giggle looking at them again!

    Yes, the cow looks crazy!!!!