Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mail Art Lovelies Received....

Wanted to catch up and acknowledge all the Mail Art I have received recently. 
It is quite the little stash!
First is this wonderful stamp person from Andria. I got to choose the one I wanted and rather fancied the sunbathing nun...Sad to say my mail to her did not arrive - so I took a chance and sent another - keeping my fingers crossed it  arrives safe and sound.....
I challenged my regular mail art swappers Leslie and Beth to use only Junk Mail for their creations - amazingly easy to collect and you can find some really fun things to combine. Mr. Darcy very much approved Leslie's "doggie in the window" LOL...
And Beth's "complimentary Tuesday" was inspired by one of those pieces I know I regularly get for retirement - funny! 
Finally I have Lenna's lovely Renaissance Mash Up - just love the vintage look and feel - and the quote is very appropriate. Another sad tale - Jo's has failed to make it over the pond to me (though her art for Lenna did make it several weeks ago). You win some, you lose some - but I do feel for the person who put a lot of time and effort to create a one of a kind piece only to have it not land where it is supposed to (or even returned to sender)!
That said, I am getting ready to send my latest Mail Art out and created this quick ATC with some of the scrapes - one of those moments when you look at what is on your table and "see" something come together! Enjoy. Jewels.


  1. Love to see the pretty pieces you and your fellow artists send back and forth - and it is so sad that sometimes they don't make it to where they are going! Lots of thought and work go into everything you all do and it's a shame when things go astray! Hope you and that adorable little Mr. D are doing great!!! Carol

  2. You've been taking part in some fun swaps, Jewels - it's always good to see what you've received too (even if one of them ain't mine, boohoo!).


  3. Love seeing ALL this mail art - mine included!!