Monday, April 6, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 12 and 13

Catching up on my posts for DLP! Both past weeks were new and fun things for me.
Week 12 - Challenge was As a Focal Point and the prompt was Coming into Focus....I started with the back ground not quite sure where I was going with "focus" ( a lot of folks used it for things like glasses, cameras, etc).
I decided to go with focus on "time" - I was actually inspired by a bill board I had driven by on the highway!
Not sure on how to draw a clock so I went over to Graphics Fairy for inspiration and found this lovely image....
... and the last minute decided I needed to add wings to it (seriously I thought I was done!)
Week 13 Challenge was Make a Custom Element and the prompt was the quote "Ride the Energy of your own unique spirit" (Gabrielle Roth).  Well, that was easy because I LIVE with a unique little man Mr. Darcy...
...and he reminds me everyday  :) ....I took a photo of him and drew on a piece of dictionary paper (my custom piece) and then just went from there....My Dad always says he sees purple hair in Mr. D's coat which is why I went with that colour...
Wild stuff going with layers in the background but I love the colour.
That's it! On to water colours this week... Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Love THIS! Both pages, you are very good at drawing jewels. I so enjoyed looking at these pages! Mr D's spirit shines :)

  2. I so love both of these pages, Jewels! They are quite different from the type of artwork than you usually create and it's great to see your drawing skills :) Great clock and a perfect quote. As for Mr D, what can I say? Super cute little guy and a super cute drawing of him - your dad is right, he has got a bit of a purple rinse thing going on ;) Great effect of depth too, well done.