Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy (Belated) Shrove Tuesday!

One of the last things my Mum said to me during our Sunday chat was "Don't forget Shrove Tuesday"! That immediately means a pancake supper. What surprised me was how many of my colleagues at work don't know what Shrove Tuesday is. So I've been sending out Wikipedia entries to them in the hopes of improving their "world" knowledge (hmm - not sure about some of the customs they list, though paczki are very popular here). Of course for me, being brought up Anglican, and my husband, who is Catholic, this is a no brainer - besides who can resist comfort food like that. The only drawback though is my hubby has a "no meat"diet (I'll save for another blog) which means we had soy sausage - as good as it can taste it really is not a substitute for the real thing....
Anyways, I'm a day late - for those of you who can appreciate this - however you enjoyed this past Tuesday, be sure to keep to your resolutions for Lent!


  1. OMG, those pancakes look delicious!! I haven't had any for a long, long time. I don't remember ever doing any of the traditional things for Lent even though I was Catholic as a child. Moving here to Michigan was the first I ever heard of packi - they are like "bismarks" that I remember as a child. So yummy. Thanks for your remarks on my nostalgia today. I think I will put one of those in every once in a while. And, by the way, the picture of your darling doggie on the banner is wonderful. You have two very fortunate puppies living at your house, Julie!
    Hugs from the Oldhag

  2. We had our pancake dinner on Tuesday ...your's look yummy :-) I love your blog banner pic of your sweet dog!