Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cottage (and Other) Projects

Well I am off to the cottage later this week (fingers crossed). I always need to take a project with me. I have a very "low tech" sewing machine (heh it sews a straight line) - that I use.
I got this great bag from Carol (she made for one of our bazaars).
I'm stuffing it with fabric to take with me -
- thought I'd try this quick project out and use up some of my scraps.
I've also got other projects on my to do list. I picked up this great jar at a Church Rummage Sale - plan to do some button sorting and use it to store my "whites" (which I know I have a ton of!).
You may remember my thimble story - the shelf is also coming to the cottage with me for a paint job.
I'm also working on a little gift for someone (which I really need to finish and get in the post)....Carol will recognize the picture (thanks for sending to me)....I may have to make more of these!
And Sis, I have not forgot our other project. My brother in law is a volunteer fireman and we have been planning a wall quilt for him. We DO have the backing - and are particularly enamoured with the young man wearing keds ;->.... what a hoot! By the way, I think I'm FINALLY getting the hang of my camera - pics seem to be much improved lately don't you think?


  1. That totebag looks good Those were such cute pictures I found of the pretty girls. Will look forward to seeing the quilt you are going to start on. And the fireman fabric---fabulous. Fun post! Hope the weather is great for your time at your cottage - enjoy, Julie! Almost forgot, I have ATC's for you that I will bring in June.

  2. Your fabric looks like fun- you may have inspired me to get out some of my fabric and straight stitch only sewing machine. Have fun with sorting your buttons- I love looking at all the shades of whites.

  3. Hi Sis
    Can't wait to see the Firefighter quilt! Those Keds are soooooooooo sexy!
    J xo

  4. Looks like you will be busy this holiday weekend. Have lots of fun, Julie. Leslie