Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Does anyone remember...

...Diver Dan? It was one of those kids shows I grew up on (oops, really showing my age). I remember Baron Barracuda and Miss Minerva. Apparently I can get the show on DVD now - can you believe it!
Another show I remember was Sir Graves Ghastly (heh, I grew up in a border town and was definetly influenced by American (in this case Detroit) television - I always remember the quote "Turn out your lights... Draw the drapes... Pull down the shades... Cuddle up in your favorite spot by the telly".... What I dont' get is how my parents let me sit in our basement on many a Saturday afternoon watching horror movies when I should have been outside in the fresh air (on the other hand they probably didn't realize thats what I was doing!)....He was such a ham for the camera...
I'll be taking a blog break for awhile - I need to leave town on business and won't have much time (unfortunately) to even think about writing (though that's what I'd rather be doing!) I'll catch up with you in a couple of weeks!


  1. Have a good trip, Julie - will look forward to your coming home again. You are younger than my kids - I don't remember those shows!! They watched the first Mouseketeers, Miss Frances, Captain Kangaroo, etc. Sherry was terrified of Clarabelle the Clown on Howdy Doody!

  2. Oh Julie, I remember being so afraid of Barnabis Collins in the show Dark Shadows, I think that was the name of the show. It was about vampires. It use to give me fits when it was on the T.V. and it seemed everyone was always watching it.

  3. Hi Leslie
    Julie was THE ultimate Dark Shadows fan! That show used to scare the bajeezus out of me but she loved it! I was actually going to mention it on here........I'm sure she will bring it up on the next go around of blogging.
    Safe travels sis!
    J xoxo