Saturday, May 16, 2009

Philadelphia Freedom

Well I'm back from seven days of business in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, while our hotel was right in the historical district, I had little time to go site seeing. I did get the one thing in that I wanted to see (of course) - the Liberty Bell. I don't know what I was expecting, but it is in an enclosed area across the street from Independence Hall. A long hallway has stations talking about the Bell, its history and legacy which really was interesting.

I also had a chance to go around (outside) Independence Hall, Betty Ross house and the Old City Hall. It was fun to play tourist for a few hours.

This sculpture was in a passageway through to a courtyard in the middle of the old city hall...
Anyway I feel a need to get back into my "routine" and my garden girl is telling me I need to start thinking about blossoms for the front of the house! I'm looking forward to bringing in some color (I was amazed how much everything had grown over a week - including the dandelions )....


  1. Welcome back, Julie - missed you! Yes, this past week things have really popped and it looks more like summer. I'm thinking flowers, too, probably the end of next week or beginning of one after that. Good pictures of Philadelphia - I've never been there. Enjoy being home - there's no place like it! Carol

  2. Hey Sis......glad you're back safe and sound! I had planned on doing a little gardening myself but they are calling for frost tonight and tomorrow night.......GROSS!!!
    Hope to see you soon!
    J xoxo