Friday, May 1, 2009

Something Blue Saturday

Well my pal Carol and I decided to post things "blue" for this Saturday. She is much more poetic then I looking at her pics and I love them - make sure you check them out! Meanwhile, I stayed indoors (it was that kind of week for me) and poked around looking to be inspired...and it did not take long!
When I first had the blue idea I immediately thought of this tea towel - it was one of my "first" - in very sad shape when I found it. But after a good soak it seemed to come back to life - and I loved the Dutch graphics - I got hooked!
This quilt has a story (don't they all). Near our cottage there is a National Park which has a lovely Visitors Center - to raise funds they had a "silent auction" over several months. Of course I had to contribute! Much to my surprise I won (though hubby does not see it as winning - what's not to understand???). When I got it home I realized someone had very lovingly hand stiched each square. I can imagine whoever did it over the winter months up on the Penninsula thinking about why they were doing it - and that makes me happy.

I did manage to get outside this week and while looking around at those dang pine cones (a different story) I noticed many of my Birdhouses happened to be blue - so I grouped a few. You will notice many of my plants have poked their "noses" out of the ground - and that makes me happy too!
Well of course I have blue embroidery and hankies, so had to share some of those as well.

It just so happens another thing I like, running, involves the colour blue! I noticed my shoes, weights and ball all were that colour (hmmmmm).

But best of all was this picture. It belonged to my Dad - an aunt bought it at Boots the Chemist in England in the 1930's. She supposedly thought my Dad looked a lot like the little boy. My Dad allowed me to have the picture and I have it hanging in one of my rooms at home. Every time I see it I remember looking at it when I was younger - and I think about that aunt buying it for her nephew. Aren't family stories great.

Anyway, till next time - I think I'll convince Carol to go Mellow Yellow with me - cheers!


  1. Julie, very, very nice post of Something Blue! You have such beautiful old vintage things. As for Mellow Yellow, I probably could be convinced!

  2. You two are fun girls. I enjoyed the something blue. Leif's brother has a painting of a little girl that hangs in their house, and the story goes that he bought it at a flea market one day because it reminded him of his only daughter when she was young. I love looking at the painting and the little girl everytime i go to his house.