Monday, August 17, 2009

Born to Shop

Really, I blame it on my parents. After all, look what I did on my first birthday!

I went shopping. And I'm no dinosaur (yes, I know you can do the math on that date stamp), but when WERE Rice Krispies invented? So we've established I was introduced to the shopping bug quite early - but what about thrifting?

I can only attribute that to my father, a real "thrifty" Scotsman if you ever met one (you should check out his garage - my siblings and I have nightmares about the day we get to clean it out).

Which is also the only possible reason I can think of for those plaid pants


  1. Cute, Julie - both the post and the little girl! And Rice Krispies were around when I was a little one which is eons ago! There were not anywhere near the number of cereals there are now - but most of them I can remember are still on the shelves. ;-) Carol

  2. OMG I'm laughing SO hard right now!!! I'd like to know why dad was taking pics of you in the grocery store!! As far as dad's garage goes....can you spell D-U-M-P-S-T-E-R! Mum looked terrific for being 8 months pregnant with James. How about that safety bar across the backseat! Never mind when Rice Krispies were invented, how about carseats....sheesh!
    The pants? AAAAAAaww come on......they are part of your heritage.
    I totally laughed outloud with this blog entry!
    Love ya sis!
    J xox

  3. These are great photos! I've never seen a baby picture taken in a grocery store, but now I have. Everyone should have one! p.s. I didn't do the math. I think we're contemporaries, more or less, and that's good enough.

  4. I am quite sure it is illegal to take photos in grocery stores today (probably something to do with possibly aiding and abetting the competition). Technically they could have arrested by Dad!