Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only a Paper Doll...

Well November's Guild meeting is coming up in less then a week and this month our ATC theme is paper dolls.

I pondered a lot on this one - certainly lots of neat graphics on the web. Vintage and contemporary.

I actually have a stack of McCall's magazines from the 1960s in my basement with good ole Betsy in them.
I definitely wanted this months ATC to be "all paper" befitting the theme! Which mean't doing some things different for me. I ended up combining things I found in boxes (what is it about things in boxes, they are like the mice in my garage, they seem to just reproduce themselves without me knowing it - mind you the fact that I have a bad habit of tossing things in the first container I can find and then not revisiting it for months probably has something to do with it - of course they are going to reproduce themselves 'cause I'm certainly not paying attention - but I digress....).

Anyway, here is the end result - I'm only previewing the one that I am going to keep (hence the J) - I'm torn between I love it (vintage photo meets Mary Engelbreit) and I'm not so sure (some kind of Bride of Chuckie thing going on)... Anyway, let me know what you think!


  1. How cute! You are doing a wonderful job on these fun little cards. I haven't done mine yet but have kind of figured it out. Paper dolls were my obsession when I was a little girl - the ones in the "funnies" were eagerly anticipated. Didn't have much in the way of toys but could spend hours playing with paper dolls. Carol

  2. Bride of Chuckie! You make me laugh. I love the layout and the colors, and the only thing I would change is her dress or shoes - I think I like your style more than so much of M.E.'s. (I hope you know that's a compliment and not a criticism!) It's very cool.