Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Boots Weather

Yep, we've got Big Boots Weather going on here in lovely Midland, MI. First major snowfall of the season.
Here are today's headlines - our phone started ringing at 6AM for my hubby about school closures.....He works for the local Educational Services Agency and is heavily involved with the local school system...
I decided to play it safe and work from home. I did venture out at lunch time with Miss Gwendoline and Master Gryphon - it was raining by then - not a good sign for later today as the temperatures are predicted to drop - could be an ice rink.

As you can see, not TOO deep yet. In a good storm you cannot see Gwenie - we have to shovel a path for her around their "outdoor bathroom" (no other way to describe it).

Gryph tried to sneak in snow eating (a favorite pass time when outside). I did caution him about yellow snow (LOL).

He also helped me inspect some of the tree damage....
We have large branches down on the driveway we will need to clear...

The snow definitely makes the front porch look more like Christmas...
And Miss Gwendoline did have to check out where her Mum had gotten to.

Our bird feeders were pretty busy - caught this little fella getting his lunch - woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, junos, goldfinches and others were joining the feast...

Sounds like this weather system will still be with us a day or two - so I'll be keeping those big boots and snow pants and mittens and hat and the ugliest, but warmest, coat on the planet (don't we all have one of those) close by for other outdoor excursions - to all my local buddies, stay warm!


  1. We woke up to a very small dusting of snow but the rain had washed it away by the time I went to school. It is VERY windy right now. There is a consistant rushing noise that gets louder now and then. I've just made a cup of tea in my new 2 cup brown betty. Nothing like a good cuppa to take the chill off your bones!
    As for the snow........Tim is chomping at the bit to get his new snowblower out!! Personally, as long as we have a white christmas, the snow can stay away!

    Jen xoxo

  2. Love the sleds on the porch and your other cute touches. The poochies look like they kind of like the snow! Thanks so much for the ride to the dinner last night - at least the snow held off. Today I made a huge pot of soup and called Sher to bring a big pan and take some home with her. She was thrilled! Has been hinting hard for me to make soup - this was the perfect day for it. Hugs, Carol

  3. Seeing your picture of the bird feeder reminded me of something interesting at our log cabin in Gaylord. We cannot feed the birds, because it will bring in the BEARS. Can you even believe it and if the bears come and the dogs upset them they will attack our little puppies. Thought you might find that interesting.

  4. I forgot to tell you!!!! I HAVE THE CRESTS FROM THE FIRE DEPT!!!!
    Do you want me to mail them to you or just keep them until Christmas?
    J xo

  5. Heh Sis - keep till Xmas - will become a BD present instead I think (sigh). See you soon!