Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dolls and Christmas Past

We all have our favorite memories of Christmas past.
Here is my brother (4) and I (6) in our old house in Sarnia, Ontario. See that Santa in the back - my sister still brings him out every year (his paint has been refreshed many times). And what I wouldn't GIVE to have all those old decorations and toys (sigh) - if we only knew then what we know now!

I still have the doll I was holding>>>>> Though I really wasn't big on dolls..

...more bookish (heh, that's why I became a Librarian). But somehow over the years I have built a little collection.

During our Christmas in England in 1967, I received a whole collection of "dolls of the world". If you lift the skirts of the little ladies (we don't lift his skirt of course) you will see little Dutch shoes and Moccasins - all intact.

Here we are getting ready for Santa that year....we were very concerned he would not know where to deliver our presents. One of our relatives went outside and pretended to be reindeers on the roof just to assure us we were found in the right country!

One of my aunts, on the same visit, let me have this Spanish lady to bring back to Canada.

I'm not really sure where this last doll came from (from one of my Mum's Girl Guide friends?), but she's part of the collection to.

And of course there is my Christmas doll. She used to be on our tree and started out with a pink satin dress with balloons on it (if I remember correctly). At some point I had to give her a new outfit. All in all a nice little collection, don't you think? Cheers, Jewels


  1. Hey Julie we have alot in common, besides or love for quilts and Children's literature. I have a huge collection of Madame Alexander collectable dolls. Some are worth a ton of money, but unforturnately they sit in their original boxes in my basement. I never got the display case that i so very much wanted built in the family room. I take a peek at them when doing the laundry sometimes and when I get a little neighborhood cutie over to play with me we sort through and look them over. They always think that I am the luckiest person around to have such pretty dolls. My oldest is Scarlet Ohara from Gone with the Wind and she is in the first edition dress and is really worth alot if I ever needed to sell her. I am positive that day, while I am alive, will never come. lol

  2. Great post, Julie!! Love the pictures of you and your siblings and all the Christmasy things. What fun, girl friend! Your dolls are so pretty. I have been fighting a cold so this week has been kind of a blur with lots and lots of naps. Just got my cards done today and think they will get to their recipients in time. Feeling better now and am anticipating complete recovery. :-) Carol

  3. I am sitting here in the living room, lights are glowing on the tree and sitting there all proud is, of course, that Santa (along with the bazillion other ones I have!!, he is my hero after all!) Do you remember when Gramma Ada was concerned that we didn't have enough? On Christmas morning we awoke to pillow cases filled with gifts from Father Christmas (I'm not kidding ladies, we have photos). That was definately a Christmas to remember. Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!
    J xo