Saturday, December 19, 2009


I regularly read Dear Abby (yes I admit to it). One of today's letters was all about the fact that reindeers, in real life, both male and female have antlers. But it is only the FEMALES that still have theirs during the winter months - so, chances are, it's LADIES helping Santa on Christmas Eve!
And I loved the response..."This clearly explains why Santa doesn't get lost at Christmas. Females are never reluctant to ask for directions...ho, ho, ho." Who knew! You Go Girlfriends!


  1. I read that, too - I thought it was an odd place for that letter, but I really learned something!

  2. "A skooter for Jimmy, a dolly for Sue. One that will even say "How do you do?"
    When Christmas Day is heeeeeeeeere the most wonderful day of the year!"
    J xo

  3. how cute from your fans in England