Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'll Never Know

I wonder who Augusta is/was…
Augusta Wichman that is…
She had an awfully pretty Rolling Pin…
...the initials BW (a relative?) are incorporated into the decorative painting..
Do you think Augusta used her Pin for making Scandinavian or Southwestern recipes?
Personally, I think I'll pass looking at the centerfold
I think she was more likely to use it for baking…
Especially things chocolaty (at least that’s what I like to think)..which of course would have to be balanced with 1 of "500 Delicious Salads" (yep, thats what it says).
To celebrate spring she might have made "Spring Flower Salads"… (the "Flowerpots" are made with unflavored gelatin, cream cheese and anchovy paste, yummy.....NOT)
And of course everyone in the family would have had to "fall in line" for the drum major salad…how fun!
Thanks for letting me be the owner of your Rolling Pin Augusta, where ever you are….


  1. Great post and also great pictures. Don't think Augusta used that rolling pin very much - or maybe she just decorated it so she didn't have to. Love the quilt that you use as a very neat background---would love to see more of that. The little cookbooks are from my early married years - but I never made presentations of food like that. Love the drum. Carol

  2. Unflavored gelatin, cream cheese and anchovy paste? Sounds like a waste of cream cheese to me!

    I do love looking at those old cookbooks, though.