Monday, March 22, 2010

My Quilty Journey, Part 1

Someone asked me the other day if I had pictures of quilts I had made. Well I do, but unfortunately they were taken before my digital camera so most are not very good (I apologize now for the quality). Like most quilters, I have given away pretty much everything I've made so hard to go back and get new pictures. But some are okay so I thought I'd tell you my brief story...I've only been quilting for about 10 years now (unlike some of my Quilting Friends who have been doing forever - you know who you are ;->) and still consider myself an "advanced beginner"....
I actually must have had the bug back in the 1980s - I found these two cushion covers I made when I was "decorating" my apartment. Oh dear - don't you just love the pink and rose....
I took my first official quilting class at a material store in town back in 1998. The pattern was Court House Steps. Now I thought I was pretty clever with the colours I had chosen. And I managed to get the top actually done.
Problem was, I never learned the "quilting" part at that class. Hence the huge stitches and threads on the back (what a dufus I was LOL). I borrowed some books from the library afterwards as I KNEW this was not quite right.

Fortunately after a few more classes and friendly folks willing to show me the "right way" I was able to do the job properly.

That was the early 2000's and some how I got on the Thimbleberries kick (so everything looks "dark" now!).

I religiously made quilts out of McCalls magazines to!

This pattern was actually from a class I took with Beth Ferrier (she taught me how to machine quilt), called Cathy's Quilt. It made up real quick - turned out not to bad (and of course was given away that Christmas!).
I seemed to have done a lot of Baby quilts to - which actually I enjoy - I get the nicest Thank You cards after and I've kept every one....
I like to make a Bear to go with each one *though I seemed to have got stuck on one pattern*...
A friend told me I did not have any problems with using "big" colours - this was a "challenge" quilt with some gals at work - we donated everything we made to our local Shelter House..
...I liked this quilt - but I liked the tag even better!

Both my parents got quilts for their 70th birthday - this was may Dad's... ...and I used a pretty violet pattern for my Mum.
I look back and think "Man that was a lot of work" - I've evolved over the years, so stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Oh, that was fun to look at and am looking forward to part 2. I also knotted on the outside of my first hand quilted piece of work. Oh well I use it every fall on my couch and still just love it. The knots showing make me happy. I probably could go back and sink them easily but I seriously love the way it came out and think that it is very funny to show people.

  2. Julie, I love your pretty quilt show! You have done a lot of quilting since you caught the bug. Your bear pattern is so very familiar. I have made quite a few off that pattern, I think. One was for my sister and I did string piecing for the front of his body out of her husband's old ties. I also did a tie one for my daughter-in-law. Called them Tiedy Bears. Will be watching for Part 2. Carol

  3. There are two very special quilts that Julie has not mentioned. Many years ago, when she was novice (but it doesn't look like it)she made each of her nephews a quilt. Joshua was very much into soccer and Andy being 3 years younger was into diggers and dumpers (trucks). She produced two quilts with those themes. After many years of use they have been safely tucked away for the future as both my sons are 20 and 17. Every so often they are used to snuggle up with on a chilly night while watching tv in our basement. Those beautiful pieces of love will be cherished and passed down to my grand children. Thanks my sis, for giving my boys such a wonderful part of you.....
    J xox