Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nightstand Report

Well as many of you know I'm a self confessed book junkie. Just look at my nightstand this week (ignore the box, yes we've lived here for ten years and yes I still have unpacked moving boxes)...
200 Crotchet Blocks, eh...hmmmm Do you think I can get through them all? Which lead me to start thinking about my hoard of craft books around the house...

Looking through the shelves, they really reflect my changing interests and tastes over time.... Some old standbys when I was more into making "big" quilts - though I pulled Harriet off the shelf just the other day for a refresher on a technique. I think the first edition of Quilts, Quilts, Quilts was one of my first quilting book purchases.

I like the Vintage stuff still...
Including this new Redwork book I just picked up - includes 100 patterns on CD (okay so now we are up to 300 patterns I have to try).

..and I'm frequently making Baby quilts (a size I can manage these days)...

But I've also been draw more to fabric art lately...
My first Lesley Riley book got me started I think

As well as Artist Trading Cards

My latest purchases have been around collages - by Blogging Peep Beth recommended True Colors to me...

This past couple of weeks I splurged and here is what I picked up (oh what did we do before Amazon???)
I'm really liking Fabric Embellishments - lots of neat ideas
I had bought Freeman-Zachery's first book and was thrilled she has a new one out..
I also was intrigued by the Good Mail Day book ... maybe the next thing I'll be experimenting with (I agree with Carol - not enough time to try all the wonderful things out there!).
As for my Crotchet book - probably a 4 out of 5 lampshades on this one - I'm still thinking how much wool it will take to make all of them! So what's on your nightstand?


  1. Of course you know whats on my night stand right now....nothing because I spend all my time reading text books. After May 1st it will be of course...gardening magazines!!!All I can say about the unopened box is GARAGE SALE!!!
    J XX00

  2. I used to have a nightstand just like that one...that is the reason that I got rid of it...I couldn't sleep too well cause there was so much to look at and to think about.
    Jackie F.

  3. I want to come over to your house to borrow books! (I noticed Time Travelers Wife- I have it, but it hasn't made it as far as the nightstand).

    I have a similiar book for knitting squares. I started knitting shades of white blocks two winters ago, put the project away over the summer and haven't made it back...

  4. Books are so wonderful to have. I'm not much at reading novels anymore, but I do love all my quilt books - some go back thirty years. I used to have gobs of needlepoint books for my needlepoint stage and I actually gave them to our local library in our hometown when we moved. I have quite a few books on miniatures that we had during the time we did the dollhouses. Maybe some day one of the girls will take the big dollhouse, the furniture and the books and make something grand as we intended to do. Carol

  5. The top of the nightstand is pretty good, but the shelf? And the crate underneath? Always full. I love that header photo. I hope I'm not repeating myself, but I do.

  6. Oh boy, would I love to look at those redwork books. They look right up my alley. I have a copy of the magazine Country Woman on my night stand and a book called Chances by Nora Roberts.